Investment Criteria

Our investments are opportunistic and do not focus on any specific industry. However, we generally adhere to these guidelines:


We invest in people with a proven track record within their industry and a total commitment to their business. In each of our investments, management has held a substantial equity interest.

Business Attributes

We invest in profitable middle market companies with at least $10 million in sales, generally characterized by stable earnings and secure market positions.

Transaction Size

We prefer transactions that are fairly priced to both parties with transaction values of $10 million to $50 million.

Investment Size

We invest between $3 million and $10 million in each transaction. In addition, through co-investment by our institutional limited partners, we can invest in excess of $10 million in each transaction.

Industry Focus

We prefer to invest in companies involved in light manufacturing, distribution and selected service industries. We do not invest in companies involved in real estate, oil and gas or financial services.

Buy and Build

We favor companies with opportunities for superior performance through internal growth, product of geographic expansion, the completion of complimentary add-on acquisitions or industry consolidation.

Geographic Focus

Although our focus is in the southeast, we regularly evaluate investment opportunities throughout the country.


In most cases, the size of our investment requires that we hold a majority interest in our portfolio companies. However, management receives significant ownership and maintains daily operating control. Alternatively, when we can affect corporate strategy and the method and timing for the disposition of our interests, we will consider alternate structures.